Goals gone to crap?

Literally - true story - I just spent over an hour digging holes all over our back yard, ruining the grass because I have the septic guys coming today, and I told them I would dig the hole to the access port myself (to save a measly $50).  Well, now I have to add the septic company to my list of to-calls and admit defeat, because I can’t find it, and it’s not documented anywhere on the paperwork that the previous owners left for us.

A couple of lessons from this: 

1) honesty is so going to be the best policy - by calling them and admitting my failure, I’m allowing them to be better prepared when they arrive for the job they need to do.  And, in reality, they will clearly SEE my failure whether I admit it to them ahead of time or not, because they’re clearly going to notice the dirt I dug in the grass.  Oops.

2) a plan/diagram/map with clear measurements would have been super helpful!  Going forward, I’ll have this, because I will measure where the hole should be and draw it on the paper showing roughly where the system and drain-field lie.  

The most important thing is to remember you can’t achieve your goals without a clear plan.  My goal was to save $50 by DIY-ing what I thought I could reasonably guess and get lucky.  Nope.  I failed.  I admit my defeat.  (Though here I am creating a story and not making the dreaded crow-eating call…!)

Now, I’ll move on and have a better plan next time.  

You can also learn from my failure.  Stop winging your business and income goals.  Sometimes you’ll get lucky, sure.  But more often than not, with no plan you won’t find success.  If you haven't downloaded my free DIAMOND Goals QuickGuide, go get it today.  Don’t let your next goal go to crap like mine did.  (Pun intended.)

Have an amazing day!