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3 Simple Steps to Plan and and Reach Your Goals!

Some people make reaching goals and being successful look easy.  Sometimes, we want to hate on those people. As it turns out, they really just have a solid strategy for doing what they make look so easy, for reaching goals effortlessly.  And I’m going to spill the beans in this article for you.

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Jessica Hansengoals
Goals gone to crap?

Literally - true story - I just spent over an hour digging holes all over our back yard, ruining the grass because I have the septic guys coming today, and I told them I would dig the hole to the access port myself (to save a measly $50).  Well, now I have to add the septic company to my list of to-calls and admit defeat, because I can’t find it, and it’s not documented anywhere on the paperwork that the previous owners left for us.

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3 Hacks for Baby-stepping Your Goals

Women set goals all.the.time.  And, so many of them are left behind.  Or shoved under the rug.  Or written in a journal to be kept secret forever.  Because we don’t reach them.  The intent is there, but we don’t DO the work.  The big reason we don’t?  They’re not broken down into baby-steps.  We try to make massive shifts in our progress, but we set ourselves up to fail by chunking the goal into impossibly hard tasks.  Here are some hacks to help you break your goals into smaller steps, and increase your success rate!

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