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Jessica Hansen-8editedwords2.jpg

Hi! I'm Jessica


Hi! I'm Jessica

Hi!  I'm Jessica.

i empower women to be resilient.

You're in the right place if you:

✨ Run out of day before you run out of tasks

✨ Wish your back-office work did itself

✨ Want to do what you created your business to do, not the busywork

✨ Want to spend less cash getting things done

✨ Know there's a better way to run your business, so it's not running YOU.

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I'm a mom on a mission!  I help other moms in business reclaim their lives by leveraging time and systems to run their businesses quickly, seamlessly, and on autopilot.  

My clients juggle corporate work, children, online and brick and mortar businesses, relationships, and households.  They get tips, tricks, and tools to manage all the things life throws at them. 

Through education and encouragement, these women experience massive personal and business growth, to gain back their personal freedom.  Together, we build businesses on strong foundations, guaranteeing greater success.

Mompreneurs reach out when they know they can shine brighter.  They want to live up to their full potential, to stop running crazy, and crave change.  They desire more from life - more time, more freedom, (more money), and more happiness!

Imagine your life, designed the way you choose, with time to do whatever YOU want to do, powered by your successful business, while raising kids.


Your business can be in the perfect order, everything in its place, every time. Like a diamond producing a rainbow from white light, order from chaos.  We are soul-centered, Diamond Inspired.

Diamonds break ambient light into a perfect rainbow of order, every time.