11 Ways to Fill your Funnel (AKA Increase your Lead Generation)

OK, you read my last blog post about making sure your funnel is leak-proof...but now, you’re thinking you’d like to fill it.  Or maybe, add a few MORE leads into your funnel. Here are ELEVEN ways to increase your lead generation, without breaking the bank.

Here’s a handy-dandy checklist you can print for the next time you feel a little low in numbers.

Paid Ads

Paid Ads are great, when you have a marketing budget, and you’re willing to test your audiences.  These can be Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Bing Ads, etc. All of these types of ads are considered pay-per-click or PPC.  You’re paying for the traffic the ads generate, each time someone clicks your ad.

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Social Media Posts

Post an update on all of your social media profiles with your opt-in link.  Make sure you don’t post just the link. Tell people what they’re getting, and why they want it.  Protip: Have a catchy image along with your link so people stop to admire it, and then read the text that you’ve added with the image.  Depending on your brand, some images will do better than others. Try a few different styles to see what’s resonating with your audience, and don’t be afraid to try something new.

Video with CTA

Record a live video on a social media profile, and include the link in the comments or description.  Talk about the really cool thing you’re giving people while you’re talking on the video. People often follow directions.  Tell them to go to the link and click the button. Many will.

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Live Events

Have you managed to score a spot speaking to an audience in person?  Congratulations! This is an awesome way to add leads into your funnel.  Give people an easy way to go RIGHT NOW and get your thing. If they wait until later, they won’t remember to do it.


Met some new people lately?  OFFER them your thing. Ask them if you can add them to your email list.  DO NOT simply add people to your list because they gave you their business card.  Huge spam potential. You don’t want people marking you as spam.

Swag Bags

Find opportunities to add something special to event swag bags.  People love free stuff. Make it memorable, and they’ll remember you.  Protip: Brand the thing you give with your website. It’s surprising how often this is NOT included on giveaway items.  They’re called promotional items when you buy them - they give you a way for people to see your website and opt-in to your list!

Guest Blogging

There are thousands and thousands of blogs.  Find someone who has content that resonates with you and see if they’ll let you guest blog.  Ask nicely. Lots of people would love to not have to write a post for a week. You won’t necessarily get paid for your contribution, but ask to have an author spotlight included at the end of the post with a link back to your site.  Usually, this is allowed. Backlinks matter.

Write a Book

Love to write?  Have a ton of blog posts that you’ve written over the last year?  You probably have already written that book you’ve always wanted to publish.  (Hey, I published TWO in 2018, so it’s totally possible for you too!) Compile your posts and add some text in between to mesh them together, and viola, you can publish your book.  Need help laying it all out? Click here for an easy checklist.

Participate in a Summit

I LOVE Summits!  (Know any good ones coming up?  Tell me about them!)  I’ve done live summits, recorded summits, in-person summits, and they are all great!  You get to share your expertise with other presenters’ audiences, and they get to share with yours.  Win-Win! I’ve even run the behind the scenes tech for other people’s summits and events. It’s great to see the things other people are doing in the world!

Tell your friends!

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When is the last time you told your close friends what you’re doing with your business?  Have you ever actually asked them if they want to be on your email list? Try it. If nothing else, you’ve just practiced telling someone about the cool thing you’re offering - out loud!  #introvertsunite Sometimes it’s hard to tell people what we’re up to because we decide they won’t care. TELL THEM ANYWAY.


Who do you know with a cell phone?  Um, er, I mean - do you actually know anyone who doesn’t have a cell phone?  Go tell them to text SYSTEMS to 31996. Better yet, try it yourself. Did you see the cool thing it did?  You can set this up for yourself quickly here.  (use code STR851 for a 15% discount!)

So, now you have 11 amazing ways you can increase your lead generation.  Which one will you try first? Comment below and tell me!

Jessica Hansen