Jessica Hansen is an FFL (Federal Firearms License) Holder in Columbia County Oregon, near Portland.  She'll meet you to help facilitate the transfer of guns, pistols, and rifles between private parties, or to receive your items shipped from an online dealer.


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All meetings occur by appointment at Jubilee Collective, 52555 Columbia River Highway, Scappoose, OR 97056.

Feel free to email jessica@ffloregon.com, or see the guidelines for transfer below.

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Fee Schedule:

  • Background Check $10

  • Transfer Fee $25

  • After Hours (5 PM or later) add $30

  • Packaging/Shipping additional ($50 minimum per firearm)


If you need a copy of my FFL for your seller, you can download it here.



Diamond Inspired, LLC/Jessica Hansen, FFL

FFL Transfer Process

Revision Date: 11/25/2018

If you choose to utilize Jessica Hansen for your FFL transfer process, please follow these instructions. These instructions are meant to be straightforward and I reserve the right to terminate any transaction that does not meet the requirements.

The requirements are in place to protect both buyer, seller, and my business. Any questions, contact me for clarity - don’t ASSUME anything.

Items that can be shipped to our business:

  • Long guns, Hand guns, Receivers/Frames

Items that can NOT be shipped to my business:

  • NFA/Class III

  • Ammunition, Smokeless or Black Powder, Primers and or other hazardous products – if any of these items are shipped to us; we reserve the right to destroy these item(s) at our discretion.

Service Charges for Transfers / Storage of items

  • Long Gun / Hand Gun / Receiver Fee(s): $25.00 for each transferable item

  • Items left after 30 calendar days will incur a monthly storage fee, per transferable item(s), $20.00 per month starting on the 31st day and each month thereafter with a minimum one month service charge.

 Seller must be either an:

1) Active Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL Dealer) – FFL holder must forward a copy of their FFL to us (unless already on file). This can be done either by sending electronically (EMAIL) or FAX. If FFL is not received, prior to the transfer, we cannot complete transfer. If problems occur in getting the FFL from the shipper, the customer is responsible for contacting and making arrangements with the FFL to produce a copy of their FFL.

2) Individual – Individuals must ship their firearm through a licensed FFL Dealer.  Firearm shipments from non-licensees will not be accepted.

Guidelines for having firearms transferred through Jessica Hansen:

  1. Let the shipping dealer know you wish to have the gun transferred through Diamond Inspired, LLC/Jessica Hansen.  If the shipping dealer needs a copy of my FFL license, they can request one by sending an Email to jessica@ffloregon.com or by using my contact form above.

  2. Once the firearm arrives and I have entered it into my books, I WILL CONTACT YOU.  Even if the shipping carrier (FedEx/UPS/USPS) indicates your package has been delivered, do not assume the item is ready for pickup.  Depending on business volume and when the package was delivered, it may take up to 24 hours for your firearm to get checked in.

Picking Up Your Firearm:

Jessica Hansen will contact you and arrange a time for pick up.

Transferee MUST BE at least 18 years old to receive long gun(s) and 21 for handgun(s).  Firearms WILL NOT be transferred to underage persons.  Diamond Inspired, LLC/Jessica Hansen is not responsible for returns/refunds or return shipping in these cases.

    1. Transferee will present their valid government issued identification – ID, Driver’s License, Military Transit Papers, Passport, Etc. Presented ID must be legible and or unaltered, not be expired and contain current address.

    2. Transferee will be asked to complete, sign, and date an ATF form 4473 in order to perform the regulated federal background check in order to disposition firearms.

Jessica Hansen will process and submit the form 4473, conducting FBI federal background check called NICS. Once processed, NICS will issue a status. The following conditions apply.

  • PROCEED – If PROCEED option is issued; once transfer fee(s) are paid in full, you will receive your firearm(s).

  • DELAYED – If DELAYED option is issued; NICS was unable to complete the background check at that time.  Jessica Hansen will contact Transferee once a final response has been received from NICS.  If we do not receive a final response from NICS within 7 business days, the Transferee can pick up their firearm after that time. If we receive a final response from NICS within that time period, we will call the Transferee and advise them of the final status.

  • DENIED – If DENIED option is issued; Transferee will not receive product(s); however, transfer fee(s) are still accessed along with any additional fee(s).  Diamond Inspired, LLC/Jessica Hansen is not responsible for returns/refunds or return shipping in these cases, though we can facilitate the return of the item to the seller once the seller and Transferee have agreed to terms.

Abandoned Product(s)/Product Ownership: In the event product(s) is/are received by Jessica Hansen, on behalf of the Transferee, and the Transferee does not claim product in 30 calendar days and or the product(s) cannot be transferred due to NICS delay/denial, the product(s) will be shipped back to the sender via COD.  The COD amount will include any transfer fee(s), rescheduling fee(s), shipping and handling fee(s) – minimum $50.00 per item. If the original sender does not accept the package and or does not pay the COD amount and or the package is returned to Jessica Hansen for whatever the reason, the product(s) will become property of Jessica Hansen after a total of 90 days from the original date the product(s) were received, the Transferee will not receive payment for the product(s) value and the product(s) ownership, and any value held, is then transferred to Jessica Hansen. Diamond Inspired, LLC/Jessica Hansen may disposition the firearm at their discretion.