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THIS Fear is Killing Your Destiny

Yes, there is ONE fear that stops most people from reaching their dreams, and achieving greatness.  Just one.  It’s prevalent in men, women, mompreneurs, soloprenurs, all of them.  

The fear is irrational.  It has no true reflection on the person holding onto it.  If you have it, you’re not a bad person.  There’s nothing “wrong” with you.  If you don’t, you’ll achieve your fullest potential.

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Goals gone to crap?

Literally - true story - I just spent over an hour digging holes all over our back yard, ruining the grass because I have the septic guys coming today, and I told them I would dig the hole to the access port myself (to save a measly $50).  Well, now I have to add the septic company to my list of to-calls and admit defeat, because I can’t find it, and it’s not documented anywhere on the paperwork that the previous owners left for us.

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