What truth are you hiding from?

What is the voice in your head telling you?  When it’s silent.  When you lay in bed at night trying to sleep.  When you sit at your computer to write your next social media post.  When you open your journal to a blank page.  What is it that you’re holding back?  What are you afraid of?

I hold back a lot of things because of fear.  We ALL have fears.  Want to know some of mine?  Silly or not: I’m afraid of “bothering people,” making a bad decision, failure, getting too much attention, even just the “not being good enough.”  Some days I am able to hold them back better than others.

So what do you DO with those fears?  How do you overcome them?  It’s so hard, ladies!  The first thing to remember is that the fears didn’t develop overnight, rather they developed over time through all of the life experiences we’ve had.  So simply identifying what you’re afraid of is key.

Once you’ve identified the fears, you can work though them.  Again, this is a SLOW process.  Journaling, meditation, prayer, forgiveness to those who have done you wrong, and even just accepting some of them as fact can lessen their influence in your life and business.  The most powerful journaling prompt is “what am I afraid of right now?”  Write it out.  Remove the thought from your head, and acknowledge it as a fact.  This is so gratifying, and removes some of the burden.  I promise you’ll feel lighter for just writing it down. 

After you’ve identified what’s stopping you, pay attention to where it’s cropping up.  As you’re going through your week, pay attention to what activities you’re resisting, procrastinating, or simply avoiding.  Figure out which fear the tasks are triggering, and acknowledge it.

The most important thing to do to get past your fears is to STOP BURYING them.  They are a part of you.  They are ingrained into your business and your life, and all the activities you do.  As you let them out, you can take small steps to overcome them.  What steps?  Stretch yourself.  For example, I’m afraid of “bothering people,” so I just have to tell myself to go ahead and hit send.  Talk myself through the “what’s the WORST that could happen” spiel.  The more times I work past the fear, the easier it gets.  No, it’s not gone.  And yes, sometimes I literally ask my contacts if I’m bothering them.  But I’m improving because I am not burying the truth I live any more.

What fear are YOU burying?