Do you feel it? The weight, the burden, the exhaustion?

As moms we're left picking up the pieces so often. Staying up late to make sure the kids have clean school clothes for the morning. Getting up in the middle of the night, because your daughter hears a fly buzzing in the window and shrieks in terror (after staying up until 11, because YOUR mom is visiting...). Getting up early to make sure you get some work done before the kids are awake, because you know that you will be most productive without interruptions.

Are you tired? I'm sensing a lot of physical and emotional exhaustion in the world right now. But as moms, as women, we can change the undertones.

If we were all just a little nicer. If we didn't lash out in jealousy because someone else got the sale we were working for. If the biting post you want to write because someone is posting garbage media links stayed inside our head instead of becoming a permanent online record.

If we just could make a bigger impact, we could transform the world. It's not a quick solution. But if we all just held ourselves up to a one-step higher standard, can you imagine the overall impact we could have?

Here's one thing I'm doing to help. Did you see the free training I posted yesterday? Chaos to calm: 5 ways to lose the frazzle of raising kids while building a business.

If we want to help change the world, we need to start with ourselves and our families. If we're less stressed, that accidental angry word probably won't slip out of our mouths (or from our fingers on the keyboard).

Check it out, and I'll see you there!

Have an amazing day!