What Makes Your Heart Sing?

Good Morning!

I've been up reading since early this morning, and I was so inspired to share this message with you!

Take a minute and think about this question: What makes your heart sing?


For me, my heart sings so loud when I'm helping people do what they love, teaching them how they CAN do what they want. Do you know what makes my heart black? Hearing "oh, I can't..." from someone I care deeply about.

A while back, I had a friend that I cared a lot about. She was going through a really hard time. We chatted, did things together, and I visited her when she was injured. My heart ached for her in so many ways. She was smart enough, a good-hearted person; she could have done anything she wanted. And she couldn't see it. When she talked about doing such-and-such, she always followed it up with, "but I can't, because..." She has since moved away, and we've lost touch with each other. I wonder often though if she has changed some of her "can'ts" into "cans."

What's something you've been telling yourself you can't do? What are the EXCUSES you're using to justify the can't? What would it take to make it a can? Will it make your heart sing if you do it? Let's figure it out together if you're stuck!  Call me!

Ah! I am getting all worked up at the thought of you telling yourself you can't! My cheeks are flushing and my heart is racing. I want you to go chase your dreams.

You can do this! Be the spark. Ignite the fire. Craft your life.

So much love to you!

Have an amazing day!