Stop Relying on Yourself.

Why is it a fact that we don’t hold ourselves accountable for doing the actions we say we want to do? I mean, we SAY we’re going to do something. Even write it on the calendar and our to-do list. But when it comes time to DO it? We procrastinate, “forget,” talk ourselves out of it, or just ignore it.

Honestly now, how many times have you started a new year’s resolution? And are you continuing with it by February? How about in your business? Do you keep starting with great intentions, and a drive to be CONSISTENT this time…only to fizzle out by the end of the week? (BTW, why do we always wait for Monday to start things? Ha)

I’m totally guilty of doing all of this. I always start out strong. Then I have kids bugging me, or I decide I don’t like doing whatever it is, or I have too much other work to get done…and I don’t come back to it.

So what do you do about it? One of the best ways to combat the ‘not doing it’ is to have someone following up with you. Why does it work? Because it’s EMBARRASSING to tell someone you didn’t do it. Do you have an accountability partner? Do you want one?

I’m thinking about putting together an accountability partner match-up. Would you be interested in this, and what would you want out of this FREE service?  Click here!

(P.S. – who’s holding ME accountable for getting this done? 😂)