Money vs. People - What do YOU think?

Hey - how are you doing today?

I have a strange question for you to ponder today. Humor me for a sec, OK? What’s more important, the money or the people?

I’m sure you’re rolling your eyes right now at the obvious answer to the question. It’s the people right? I mean, we’re not able to take the money with us when we die, and lots of money just by ourselves is pretty lonely. That’s the easy question. Ready for a hard one?

If the people are more important than the money, why are you setting monetary goals in your business each month?

Whoa, wait! Isn’t that what we’re taught to do? Set the dollar goal, and calculate the dollars per week we need to earn, and that defines our success? But what if THEY’RE wrong? What if you’ve been looking at your goals all wrong?

Why does it matter?

Think about it this way. If you’re making the sale just to make the sale, to collect the dollars, how much energy are you putting into the relationship with the person? When you’re focused on just the money, you’re probably missing out on repeat sales, as well as larger sales. Your audience can sense when you’re focused on the wrong thing. It’s the subtleties in your behavior that give you away. Think about it this way. When you go to a restaurant for dinner, who is more likely to get the big tip? The server who flies past and does the bare minimum for more tables, or the server who takes the time to ask questions and make menu suggestions because they took more time with each table and ends up with less tables served overall? (I used to be a pizza delivery driver, but would get pulled into the dining room if servers didn’t show up. I don’t love waiting tables, but I can totally tell you that if you have fun with your customers, they do tip more. Customer service is an art after all!)

Let’s revisit the original question: What’s more important – people or money?

Your challenge for today is to take a look at your August goals. What did you focus on when you wrote them down? Is there something you need to change?

If you're not sure where to go with your goals, and how to translate them into people, because the answer's not always obvious, let's chat. Schedule a free call with me, and we can make sense of your cents.

Have an amazing day!