Want to break things and run away?

I'm seeing so many posts where women are hurting because 'things aren't working' and they're ready to give up.

That was me, earlier this week. Seriously, I had my daughter screaming and crying for an hour (from the time she got up until we arrived at school - and for 30 minutes where I was on a conference call). Then I found out the chapstick we needed wasn’t in her backpack (and she had a ring of fire around her mouth), and it was piano lesson day - with the books left at home. It took me almost an hour to even finish getting the kids to school - an hour I needed to get some work done!

Here’s the thing - as a mom with a business (or even when we don't!!), THIS HAPPENS A LOT! The solution is in how you react. There’s a simple strategy you can use to recover from the unexpected chaos in your day.

1 - Accept. It’s happening, and getting angry and fighting against it won’t help.

2 - Evaluate. What’s actually the most important thing RIGHT NOW?

3 - Prioritize. Do what affects the ‘most important thing’ and leave the rest for later.

4 - Adapt. Change your plan. If you’re organized with a list of what you need to do for the day, most of it won’t matter WHEN you do it, as long as it gets done.

5 - Move On. You can’t change the past, so let it go, don’t worry about it, and move forward with the rest of your day.

Simple, right? Yes, but it will take some practice. I promise you’ll recover from this. If you need more help, reach out for it. Don't suffer alone.

I’m cheering you on right now.

Have an amazing day!

Jessica Hansen