Coach Misconception

Let’s talk about something serious this morning.

There’s a misconception about coaches.

Just because we’re studying to help others get on track with their lives or businesses, doesn’t mean we don’t make mistakes.

It doesn’t mean we don’t have painful relationships, and have removed all of the toxic people in our own lives.

For example, this morning I got a scathing email from someone who I’ve known for a very long time. She called me ungrateful, and a bad example.

Heck yes, that still hurts me. Ouch, right in my heart.

Here’s how I am able to cope and get past the hurt, and this is what I teach my clients, too. This person was projecting her feelings at me. She was looking for some external validation, and when she didn’t receive exactly what she thought she wanted, she lashed out.

Does that make her a bad person? No, absolutely not. In fact, she has a very good heart. The lashing she gave me was a reflection of some deep healing that needs to happen on her part.

This knowledge and understanding is how I can get past this email. I can accept that it hurt my feelings. And then I have to release those feelings.

If I try to explain to her “my side of the story,” it won’t help. If I lash back at her, it won’t help. I did apologize for what she thinks I missed doing. That is all.

This is the lesson. Feel and acknowledge the emotion. Release the emotion. Don’t act on it. Let it go.

You can do this!

Much love and gratitude for to you for reading!

Jessica Hansen