Business is a Team Sport

When you left your last job, and forged out on your own to become the entrepreneur you dreamt of, how did you feel?  Powerful, excited, 'on could nine,' certain...fearful, alone, unsupported?

You left that job, because you wanted something different, to do your own thing.  Make your own life happen, however YOU define it...and you absolutely can!  BUT...yes, there is a BIG BUT in this grand plan of yours... you can't do this alone.  YOU define your goals and dreams.  But they won't become a reality until you assemble your team of fellow dreamers. 

Where do you start when finding your teammates?  First and foremost, find a business coach.  The reason is: coaches help you to get on the right path.  Your coach will help you formulate a solid plan for achieving your dream business.  Once you have a plan, you can delegate and hire your team to work through the steps you're not expert at, freeing your time to do what you love.

Stuck with your business where you are now?  Call your coach!  Your coach will walk you through what's happened in your business and help determine where you're off your path.  Then, they can help you take steps to get back on track.

Happy with where you're at, but KNOW you can grow?  Hire your coach.  Your coach has resources available to hone your skills and give direction to grow your business, in ways you're not currently seeing.

Most importantly, your coach is there to support you.  When you're feeling the weight of others' doubts, your coach will empower you to move forward and succeed!

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Much love,


Jessica Hansen