Inspired Connections

When's the last time you met someone new?  Where were you?  Someplace you visit often, or somewhere you've never been before?

Last night, I stepped out of my comfy box.  And I met some AMAZING and INSPIRING women.

About a month ago I got an invitation from a friend for an event that was not at all like anything I had ever attended before.  I was surprised and, to be completely honest, flattered  that she had thought to invite little-ol' me.   Without hesitation, I accepted the invitation.  I KNEW there was a reason I needed to be there.  These things don't happen by accident.  I started backpedaling in my head as the day approached.  What would I wear?  What if I made a fool of myself?  What if all the bad things went wrong?

Honestly - nothing I was fearing even happened.  All of the reasons I used in the past to stop myself from going to places and events where I knew no one are invalid.  (P.S. - I'm really an introvert!)

I have NO regrets about attending the #HBRSocial.  I needed to step out and meet these women.  These amazing women, who all started at the bottom and WENT FOR IT.  They are doing amazing things!  These women are just like all of us. 

We all need to step out to attend a new place sometimes.  There's always someone new to meet and connect with.  No judging.  Don't stop yourself.  It won't be as bad as you imagine.

If you're struggling with this, let's chat.  Set up a time with me, and we can work to get over it!