I am no longer invisible.

Last year, as I was struggling to build my business, I noticed I was resisting posting.  I wasn’t speaking up in networking meet-ups.  I would see questions posted in groups that I knew the answer to, but I couldn’t bring myself to add to the conversation.  

Obviously, I was not building my business.  

So why was I doing this?  I had to really dig into my head.  

It was fear.  Fear of being judged.  Of being shamed.  

Why?  Because when I was 17 and pregnant, I wanted nothing more than to shrink into the background.  People stare at you.  People judge you with their eyes.  Some even say mean things to you.

It wasn’t easy.  

I had to use journaling.  I hired a coach specifically for getting out of my own head.  I had to JUST DO THINGS that I didn’t want to do.  I got up in front of groups to speak.  I shared my story.

And now?  So much progress!  I’m not afraid to tell people what I do.  I’m not afraid to tell people who I am.  What I’ve been through.  

It took deciding that I was going to overcome this.  

And doing it.  Doing things every day.  Consistently.  Whether I wanted to or not.

Blood-Sweat-Tears.  Yes, even blood! (I have a bad habit of cuticle picking when I’m stressed…!)

But I am so much stronger than I was giving myself credit for.

I know you are too.  Because you’re here.  You’re participating.  You’re growing.  Working.


What milestone (big or small) are you celebrating this week? Note: If you’re like I was, afraid to even comment, comment below with “I had the courage to post this comment.”

Jessica Hansen