Your Nutrition is Killing YOUR Business

No, I'm not selling health supplements, so keep reading! :)

There are three ways your nutrition is affecting your business, and if you don't think it's true, stay with me.  Read to the end.  I promise, you'll think again.

Your CREATIVITY is decreased.

If you're hungry, what are you thinking about?  FOOD.  What should you be thinking about?  Your business, your next project, your new content.  You're not thinking about the high-value-actions because you skipped breakfast.  You pushed out your lunch and forgot your snack - and you hit a slump.  You are NOT effective in your business when you're working with a blood-sugar low.  get up, and eat a HEALTHY, and balanced snack.  Keep your blood sugar stable, and your productivity and creativity are consistent.

Stay hydrated!  If you're not keeping the water coming in, your body is not flushing the toxins out.  You feel physically drained.  Water keeps your body lubricated in all biological systems.  To run like a well-oiled machine, you need the oil.  Creativity starts in your brain, and if your brain is dehydrated, your sluggish self isn't going to create amazing content.

Your CONFIDENCE is decreased.

So what, you've got 5 or 10 extra lbs you've been talking about losing for at least a year, or a FEW New Year's Resolutions.  It doesn't hurt anything, right?  WRONG.  It does.  Every time you think about those pounds you "should" lose, you're killing your own confidence.  Even when you're completely resolved that you are OK with your weight.  If you have even ONE TINY SHRED of doubt in your mind about carrying a spare tire, your confidence is doomed.

Let's talk about another piece of your nutrition that's been lurking around wreaking havoc on your confidence.  GUILT.  That brownie you had with your lunch, yep, that one.  The one you told yourself you deserved, and talked yourself into.  You're feeling guilty about it, right?  you know you didn't need those calories, and you're thinking and trying to forget about how you will burn them off.  Or maybe you're pretending they don't matter, and you're not going to worry about them.  Either way - you're thinking about that junk food.  You're feeling the burden of guilt about it.  it's overshadowing all of the good things you did for yourself today.  Your confidence is suffering. 

Stop with the snacks that you KNOW aren't good for you.  The guilt and the pounds aren't worth it.  The confidence you need to succeed is relying on you to take care of you.

Your ATTITUDE is off.

When you're hungry, you're often HANGRY.  How do you respond to others when you're not firing on all four?  Your fuse is short, and your patience are thin.  Eat your three meals, and two small snacks throughout the day so you don't get 'hangry.' 

How are you feeling about an hour after you eat that sugary treat?  Did you crash?  Are you tired?  Do you make good decisions when you're tired?  Or do you just make a decision to get it off your plate?  When you're bouncing from high to low because your diet is unbalanced or too sugary, your decisions could be hasty.

But I don't have TIME to eat.

Wrong.  You don't have time NOT to eat.  Meal Planning is essential when you're managing a full plate (yes, pun intended) in your business.  I have a whole module in my 6-week coaching program dedicated to essential nutrition.  Once you get started, planning a whole month of meals takes less than an hour a month.  There are so many options for healthy snacks to include in your day.  This personal care is crucial to your business.

Don't be the victim of nutrition.  Make sure you're not letting your creativity, confidence and attitude kill your business.  It's so simple, and so often missed.

Much love and sparkle ~ Jessica

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