The Magic Formula

Building a 7-figure business isn't an overnight job.  And it's certainly not something just anyone can do.

If you want to be sustainable, have a massive impact, and live the freedom and mission you set out to have…

…decide today to have it.  The Magic Formula is yours.

Working with my team and I, you'll strategize, develop, and optimize the EXACT core business structure you need to reach farther than you thought was possible.  

No Hocus Pocus.


Conjuring Efficiency

The deceptively simple, yet seemingly impossible creation of order from chaos is my specialty.  We'll complete an intensive study of your business, and turn it into a well-oiled machine.  This one-on-one program is only for those women who are serious about scaling their business.

I take a maximum of 3 women at a time who are ready to stop the resource leaks, overcome any obstacle in their path, and finally reach their dream.  

I'm selective of my clients, and it's not based on simply the ability to pay for the program.  You'll need to have a desire to change your business, show up, and actively participate in the process.

The Magic Formula is about knowing your business can run when you're not there.  It's business stability, and knowing the economy and life ebb and flow doesn't affect your income.

It's knowing you have a calm and collected presence making order from the chaos in your business.


Services I Provide

  • Business and Life Coaching

  • Virtual Business Operations Management

  • Business Launch Consultation and Management

  • Online Course Launch Consultation and Management

  • Online Business Systems Strategy, Set-up, Maintenance, and Training

  • Workflow Development and Programming for CRMs

  • Project Management

All of my services are holistic.  We'll explore your entire business, to make sure it's exactly what you envisioned.  You'll not only come out the other side with a business you love, it'll fit into your life and lifestyle.  You can get done-for-you services, as well as hands-on training for entrepreneurs who want to learn some of the skills it takes to run an online business, but don't have time to watch hours of training videos.  Yep, all programs are completely customized for you.  Celebrate the uniqueness of your business by working with someone who's not going to turn your business into a cookie-cutter copy of someone else's.  The best thing about us working together?  You'll be focused on the cash-generating activities, not the cash-eating ones.  More time on cash-making = more income.  

Scroll down to see more detailed descriptions of each overall service.

Don't hesitate to get into my schedule if you're considering it.  I have a limited number of client spaces available. Contact me today for availability.

Business and Life Coaching

Ever wish you had a thought-partner who wasn’t looking out for their own bottom line? I’ve been practicing the holistic Generative Coaching Model with my clients and found that it’s much more effective than other methodologies. 

We work together for 6-weeks at a time, with one session per week. You’ll overcome obstacles, break through your walls, and turn into an unstoppable force of impact in your life and business. I adhere to a strict confidentiality policy, and never share any information with others, not even my team. You’re safe to grow in my care.

Virtual Business Operations Management

They don't call me a Virtual COO for nothing.  Take your overwhelming task-list and outsource it to one person.  Get the freedom you started your business for.  What is covered?

  • Team Hiring and Management

  • Project Management

  • Business Strategy and Goals Review and Planning

  • Product Launches

  • Automation and Business Systems Design and Maintenance

  • Annual Strategic Planning

What's left for YOU to do with this service?  Cast your vision, and be the face of your business.  Work with clients, create the content you love, and let me worry about everything else.  I only take 1-2 Virtual COO clients at a time, and typically we start with a 90-day contract.  Pricing starts at $2k/month, but varies on the size of your team and specific needs.

Business Launch Consultation and Management

Ready to launch that business you've been talking about for months?  Just do it, because it's never been easier than with my help.  What does a management business launch look like?

  • Website Design and creation

  • Basic Branding

  • Email Set-up

  • Content Strategy and your first Product Launch

  • Business Plan creation - this IS a real business afterall

  • Customer Journey and Workflow Design

  • Your First Annual Strategic Planning and Goal Setting Session

If you're looking for a customized approach to launching your business, you just found the diamond in the rough.  If you're ready with your business idea, this package is for you.  Choose from either a 6- or 12-week duration, starting at $800/month.

Online Course Launch Consultation and Management

You have a course idea, maybe even all of the content.  But you don't know where to begin with launching the program, let alone have enough time to do it all!  This service fits.

  • Use my formula for launch success

  • Email Sequence Set-up, with tags, automation, and tracking

  • Launch Content Strategy

  • I'll connect the dots and make sure your funnel flows

No tech experience necessary, for you!  I can do the heavy lifting on programming your funnel to launch your next course or program.  Start to finish, this is usually a month-long project, and pricing begins at $650

Online Business Systems Strategy, Set-up, Maintenance, and Training

Feeling the weight of systems chaos?  Nothing connects, and your funnel leaks out both ends?  Let's connect.  We'll:

  • Review your current business systems

  • Overhaul your processes

  • Create a realistic and streamlined workflow strategy

  • Document everything so you know what's happening when and where

Generally this package starts with a 2-Hour Systems Intensive, from $497.  You get hands-on immediate feedback, as well as a printable report after our session so you don't forget what we talked about.  Ongoing support is available, starting at $100/hour or $500/month.

Workflow Development and Programming for CRMs

Who wants to program workflows?  I do!  Left-brain process nerd over here.  :) I know it's extremely frustrating to make your CRM treat your clients with respect.  Together, we'll dig deep to find out what your CRM is doing, and then overhaul it to make it function correctly.  Connect to your email responder?  No problem!  Attach it to your sales funnel so your leads flow right into your sales hopper?  Easy-peasy.  These packages will start with a 2-Hour Intensive Session, from $497, followed up with a custom package to get the work done for you.  

Project Management

Tired of herding feral cats to get the work done?  Leave that to the lion-tamer.  No need to join the circus.  Get your projects launched regularly, orderly, on budget, and on time with my project management services.  Per-project pricing, based on the scope of the project, starting at $400.