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Turn CHAOS into order.


Turn CHAOS into order.

 When you start a business 'all the

things' can drive you crazy.


a clear, easy to follow program is

all you need.

Crystal clear instructions and a solid coaching program gives you the easiest roadmap to business freedom.  

You didn't start your business to bury yourself in work, you started it to have:

  • More time in your personal life.
  • Freedom to do what you WANT to do, not what you HAVE to do.
  • More energy, and carry less stress.
  • Profits - and now!
  • Confidence about your decisions.
  • Control over your daily schedule. 
  • Time and resources to take care of you.
  • Passion for making a difference.
  • Independence from the corporate lifestyle
  • Means to raise your kids yourself.

Let's do this.

    Each gem is unique, and so are you!  You’re a hard-worker, know what you want for your business, and you're done trying to do it alone.  There's help, and it's easy to follow.  All you need is a push in the right direction.  Stop wasting time with all of the shiny objects and squirrel moments.  

    You don't need more "free" help.  You don't need to stay where you are.  You don't need to get a job, so you can get a 1-3% raise annually.  You don't have to get up dreading the day any more.


    Imagine you have:


    • Time for family
    • A new energy for life
    • Income to make your dreams happen
    • Freedom to choose where you live and work
    • Joy in your business
    • Creative freedom and a method to launch your amazing ideas
    • More confidence
    • Empowerment to make decisions
    • Created the life you love!

    How does it feel to have the weight off of your shoulders?  To wake up each morning knowing you made money while you slept, because your business ran itself?  How will you feel 5 years from now when you've upgraded your entire life?

    Jessica Hansen-26.jpg

    Why Me?

    You need Jessica's expertise to get you freedom of expression, unrestricted income, and to be yourself.

    Why Me?

    You need Jessica's expertise to get you freedom of expression, unrestricted income, and to be yourself.

    you need freedom of expression,

    unrestricted income,

    and to be yourself.

    I was there.  I had a crazy schedule, balancing four kids, a job, multiple businesses, and more than one volunteering obligation.  My job was stable, but there was no growth in it.  I loved it, I did!  But there was nowhere to go without giving my life away.  There were not enough hours in the day for me to take on more.  I had guilt if I tried to take a run, and I didn’t take my kids on outings the way I wanted to.    

    My kids weren’t happy.  My husband wasn’t happy.  The DOGs weren’t happy.  I needed out.  I wanted to be able to take my kids to the beach without worrying about the time I would have to spend getting ready, driving, and then cleaning up – and where would that time even come from?  I was always giving something up.  I wanted to be able to take care of myself guilt-free.  Without worrying about the time I was spending to get my hair done, or the cost! 

    Because of this program, I’m not worried about those things any more.  I have more time.  I have more freedom.  I have control to make the choices I want to make, not the choices I have to make.  I can work from anywhere, and at any time I want! 

    I’m building my legacy for my family, instead of giving my life to my company in exchange for mediocrity.

    You want this too – and it’s yours when you accept the invitation.

    I’ve been there!  I got out – and I can help you do the same.  My programs came from my own need to sort out and organize my priorities – to create my own shining success.

    You’re overwhelmed, stressed, and tired.  Thinking you can do better, but just not sure how to get there.  You’re tired of feeling guilty about the time you spend on your business instead of with your family.

    When I realized I needed more, and had nowhere to go in my situation, I started digging deeper, and I developed my system and strategy to GET OUT.  And I have!  I succeeded – by doing exactly what you need to do – and I can help you!  I work from home.  I have animals.  I have children at home.  I spend a lot of time in my garden and volunteering in the community.  I choose when I want to work, and WHERE I want to work.  Let’s chat, because I can’t wait to get you here too!

    You deserve thisYou need this.  Get out of the grind, and into life! 

    Book the no-obligation introductory call with me.  

    Packages start at $1897.