Jessica Hansen - The Systems Magician
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The Magic Formula

Building a 7-figure business isn't an overnight job.  And it's certainly not something just anyone can do.

If you want to be sustainable, have a massive impact, and live the freedom and mission you set out to have…

…decide today to have it.  The Magic Formula is yours.

Working with my team and I, you'll strategize, develop, and optimize the EXACT core business structure you need to reach farther than you thought was possible.  

No Hocus Pocus.


Conjuring Efficiency

The deceptively simple, yet seemingly impossible creation of order from chaos is my specialty.  We'll complete an intensive study of your business, and turn it into a well-oiled machine.  This one-on-one program is only for those women who are serious about scaling their business.

I take a maximum of 3 women at a time who are ready to stop the resource leaks, overcome any obstacle in their path, and finally reach their dream.  

I'm selective of my clients, and it's not based on simply the ability to pay for the program.  You'll need to have a desire to change your business, show up, and actively participate in the process.

The Magic Formula is about knowing your business can run when you're not there.  It's business stability, and knowing the economy and life ebb and flow doesn't affect your income.

It's knowing you have a calm and collected presence making order from the chaos in your business.