You don’t have to spend your entire day working on your business. What if your business could run automagically?

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You're in the right place if you:

Want to make multiple six figures in your online business with coaching, or consulting

You're ready to automate your income

Know there's a better way to run your business, faster, cheaper, and easier.


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Diamonds break ambient light into a perfect rainbow of order, every time.

Your business can be in the perfect order, everything in its place, every time. Like a diamond makes a rainbow from light, I make order from chaos.  We are soul-centered, Diamond Inspired.

Jessica is a fun-loving efficiency and systems expert sprinkling magic over the business world saving time and money for women entrepreneurs.

Running tasks automagically in my own business and in the corporate world to add millions in revenue for a global multi-billion dollar corporation has taught me one thing: Efficiency (read: everything happens faster and cheaper) is the answer to scaling a business.

I’m passionate about helping others like you, with an expert-based business, to stop flying by the seat of your pants and create strategic and customized processes and systems.

The result? A surprisingly simple business structure that skyrockets your revenue, amplifies your impact, and helps you gain the time and financial freedom to do the work that only you can do.


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