This is THE Solid Foundation to build your business on!


You have this great idea, and you know you want to build it into a business.  But how do you even start?  What software do you even need?  There's just so much out there to choose from.  And, what if you make a sale?  What do you do with the money?  How do you handle it?  Do you NEED to be an LLC - or even need a business name at all?  How do you get out there to share your idea with others and get known?  What if NOBODY BUYS?!  *gasp*

Seriously, take a deep breath.  I was there.  I have started multiple businesses from scratch.  There's so many things to consider.  And, there's so much fear around the choices!  So many things to choose - and a never-ending sea of people to tell you how to do anything.  But you want ONE resource to go to.  ONE person to get you on a solid ground for your business.  ONE place to reference instead of program after program each telling you one tiny piece of what you need to know.  Wouldn't it just be a lifesaver if there was a checklist of what to do?

You want to start a business because you want to share your idea, NOT do all of the paperwork.  What if your business was set up to RUN ITSELF, so you didn't have to hire someone to do the paperwork for you - or worse, DO EVERYTHING yourself!  

A rock-solid business foundation, strong automated business processes, and the confidence to actually get your business off the ground - it's here.  All you need to set yourself up to succeed.



Mompreneur 0-2 years in business, know what you're business does.  

Scared or hesitant to start or scale your business because you don't know WHAT you need to do


What you get:

12 weeks of group Support

8 modules of curriculum

A way to be PROFITABLE on day 1 of your business


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