What’cha Stopping Yourself for?


In the last few weeks, I’ve had a number of clients come to me feeling really overwhelmed.  Really just frustrated because they have so many things they want to do, and nothing seems to be able to move forward.  Maybe you can relate?

Know what my advice is every time?  Just choose something. Really, anything on your list.  Choose something to finish.

There’s this thing we seem to have as women in the entrepreneurial space...this thing that says we have to know everything.  We have to ‘get it right’ - the FIRST time.

Of course, we tell ourselves that we know it’s a lie.  OK, not really a lie… maybe an ‘untruth.’ ;)

We really do try to convince ourselves that we have to know exactly what it is we’re in for when we start, but then there’s this little voice.  It creeps in every time we get to the edge of moving forward. It says, “hey you - what IF you mess it up?”

“Think about all the people you’re going to let down.”

“What will everyone else think if you don’t get it right?”

“Someone’s going to laugh at you, and talk behind your back.”

“You’re going to lose the sale…”

Ever heard that voice?  Me too. Every single day.  OK, not every day, some days I am too busy to think straight.  But more days than not.


And then, every once in a while, you get the real truth and understanding.  All these people out there, they’re just people. They’re just like you, like me, like most of us.  They’re out there doing the things they can do. Sometimes they screw up. Sometimes they win. And sometimes WE win.  And it’s all good.

Like something I saw this week in my email box.  (no, it wasn’t a ridiculous acronym, haha. That was last week!)  But I saw a BIG NAME in digital marketing make a silly mistake. (OK, ok, It was probably one of the people he hired, but still.)  And those things, those little mistakes I see the big guys make, see you make, see MYSELF make - all those things actually help me to feel good.  

Because we ALL make mistakes.  Often they aren’t even noticed by those around us.  Sometimes they are. But, we get to celebrate them, because it means we went forward.  We weren’t 100% certain that things were going to go right. We hit a button before we were ready.  We ran full speed, with our shoes untied. And we tripped. And we LIVED TO TELL ABOUT IT.


So, just like I tell my clients to do, go choose something to finish.  Anything that’s been on your list. Maybe it’s the thing you’re dreading.  Maybe it’s a thing you don’t know how to do. Maybe if you won’t get to it, you can delegate it - hire it out - allow someone else to help you get it done.  

There’s no reason to stand in your own way.  We got this.

(And, if you want to know who made the mistake, and I promise you’ve heard of this person if you’ve been around the digital marketing sphere for a while, send me an email and I’ll tell you who it was and what they did!)

Jessica Hansen