Virtual Networking and Getting Dressed-up from the Waist-up!

By attending a free virtual networking event, I got three new clients and four potential collaborations.

We all like parties, right?  Even better are parties you don’t have to get all fancy and dressed for or drive to!  

Who likes the dressed-up from the waist-up technique?

I actually attended two zoom online networking events this week, and I highly recommend it.  I live in a rural area.  Five miles out of town, in fact.  On purpose. I love living in the woods!

But there are pros and cons living far out.  One of the cons is the driving.  Oh, do I hate a commute.  I am so thankful and grateful to have a career that has a zero-commute!  

I save hours of drive-time every single week because I work from home with my business.  

If you had a zero commute job, what would you spend that time on instead?

Do you need a listing of free virtual meet-ups?  Join the community where I list every one I can find!  

Jessica Hansen