This mission will self-destruct.

Are you a new-ish or struggling entrepreneur?  Feeling like you're doing everything, but nothing is happening, or it's happening, but just not taking off?

What are you sacrificing for your business?  What are you compromising with yourself?  Most importantly, WHY are you not being true to yourself?

This is something I struggled with for YEARS.  I tried over and over, different businesses, but I always was compromising something in myself.  I felt sleazy, salesy, sometimes even embarrassed by what I was doing - the techniques I was told to use to sell, or how to coerce more sales out of people.  And I always gave up in the end, because I never felt like going against my own grain was the right thing to do.  

Now, it's different.  I don't feel that way anymore.  You're probably wondering what's different. (There are a few differences, but I can't share them all at once...)  One of the things I did early on in my business was to really define my core values.  I even created a poster on the wall.  (The image on this post is the e-version of the poster.)

Your values are part of your brand.  They're the validation you can use for the decisions you make when you take on new activities or products.  They will give you an outline for your blog posting, and even the emails you write.

Do you have a core set of values for your business?  Share them with me!