4 Easy Steps to Uncover your Time Sucks, and Make More Money!

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Hey dreamers, it’s Jessica, the Systems Magician and you're here watching Biz Magic TV, where we turn your chaos into order.  Today we are talking about how you can take a quick four-step action to do a time audit on yourself and your business. 

So the first thing that we're gonna do is talk about what even is a time audit, right?  What is a time audit?  A time audit is really just a reflection of how you're spending your time day to day.  Why do we care?  Really, why do we care? First because you're probably wasting time somewhere that you don't even realize. But the real reason is for awareness so that you know what you're doing.  So you can take action to change those things that you don't want to be spending time on. And the third reason is for awareness.  Action and accountability so you can hold yourself accountable to take the actions that you say you're gonna take when you're gonna take them.  So how are we gonna do this?  I'm on it.  It sounds really hard but I promise it's super easy. 

The first thing I want to mention is the fastest quickest way to do this is to go download my time freedom formula it's at www.theJessicaHansen.com/ITSTIME. Go download the time freedom formula packet.  It's I don't know I think about ten pages long but that download has a really easy simple way to do your time audit and you don't have to watch the rest of this video.  But if you don't want to download that, here's how you can do it on your own. 

The first thing you're gonna do is go ahead and write out or print out or take a blank piece of paper - any way is gonna be fine, but you need to have a daily schedule so write down the different times - from the time that you get up until the time that you go to bed.  Now we're looking at probably doing this over say a five-day workweek, if you work seven days you're gonna want to do this for seven days.  Got that?

However long you work. Because you want to get an average. You want to get the average of how you're spending your days.  This is so that you can actually find out if you're working towards your goals or if you're just thinking that you're gonna do something and you never actually take the actions.  Remember the accountability? We're gonna come back to that.  So if you want to get really super fancy on this create yourself a spreadsheet - that's only for the overachievers, you don't need to do that.  So that's all you need a piece of paper, or a blank daily schedule.  

Second, for each half hour throughout your day, you're just gonna write a little note about what did you do.  That's it super easy.  Write out for each half an hour what was the most time in that half an hour spent doing.  If you did meal prep - if you did meal prep then write on there, meal prep.  If you sat around and surfed on Facebook right surfed Facebook or scrolled whatever you call it - okay this is for you - you don't have to share this anywhere else unless you want to send it to me.  I will totally give you some feedback on it.  So if you're the ultimate overachiever, remember because you created that spreadsheet and you're gonna go above and beyond - you go ahead and write down what you did for each 15-minute block on your page.  That's only for the overachievers you don't have to do it if you are a less than overachiever or if you're a normal person who doesn't really want to spend the time to do it.  Totally fine - either way is gonna work. 

The third thing that you're gonna do with that list at the end of the day you are gonna bucket your things.  You're gonna bucket the things that you did in bigger categories.  For example if you posted in your 5 Facebook groups, which we may or may not agree with over here, but if you did that and you consider that to be marketing, you write down marketing next to that.  If you spent time writing your blog post write that - maybe that's creating for you - content creation - and if you did things like scroll Facebook or Instagram and watching YouTube videos that don't really give you good value like mine do, then you can write down wasted.  We don't like to do that do we?  We don't want that accountability.  We'd like to put our head under the sand and not admit to it. I know, I get it.  Totally understand. 

One side note - if you did self-care, if you took a bath, if you got a massage, if you did something that was really for you that's gonna make you feel good - No, Facebook does not count here - If you did self-care, that is not considered wasting time.  That is part of self-care and you can bucket that separately.  You need to be taking that time.  It may become painfully aware in this exercise that you don't take self-care time.  Awareness to take action and give yourself accountability.  

Now the last step that you are gonna take with this - after you've done it for one day or five days or seven days however long you're gonna stick with it before you get real tired of it and find out that you don't like what you're actually doing, you are gonna use that list to make change.  You're gonna identify the places throughout your day where you are throwing that time away, or you're spending it in a less than productive way.  What can you do to bucket things together and actually achieve more efficiently in your day to make your business run more smoothly?  It's totally possible if you get stuck on how you can make that change reach out to me because this is exactly what I do. 

I'd love to get on the phone and chat with you. you can reach me on www.talktoJessica.com.  We can have a half an hour time spot. We can go ahead and go over that list and see how we can make your time work for you.  Wo go ahead and book that now.  Make sure you've subscribed and go have an amazing day!

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