Two Keys to Effective Delegation

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Hey dreamers, its Jessica, the Systems Magician, and welcome to BizmagicTV where we turn your biz chaos into order so you can stop sinking and start soaring. Today we are talking about the two keys of effective delegation. sounds really hard - totally easy.

First I want to tell you a little story. So I have four kids, you may or may not know that already, but recently I asked one of my children who is about nine years old to crack some eggs into a bowl and to put a plate underneath that bowl to catch any of the drips. You know, because when you crack that egg right like the goo sometimes comes out. So I told him to put a bowl on a plate and crack the eggs into the bowl because he wanted to make some chocolate chip cookies. And I was like great, do it, that's amazing! So a little while later I looked over from the living room into the kitchen, because you can totally see, and what I saw was not exactly what I asked for. Oh it was close, but what he had done was take a giant stainless steel bowl and put it on a small plate and crack the eggs into that.

He did exactly what I told him to do, but he didn't do it in the way that I expected him to do it. So we're gonna talk about why that went wrong and how you can apply that into your business.

So the first key to delegation is make a clear decision. You cannot have ANY results if you don't have a clear decision on exactly what you want to have happen. My decision was I wanted the eggs cracked in a bowl because I didn't want the mess on the counter. It was clear but it wasn't clear enough - well that's not true the decision was clear -but my instructions weren't clear enough! So that's what we're gonna talk about. You cannot be wishy-washy when you're asking someone to do something for you and expect to get the results that you want. It just doesn't work if you are wishy-washy because you don't know exactly what it is you want done. You may as well not even ask because your delegation is going to fail. Okay? So key number one - be crystal clear on exactly what you want to have happen. All right?

So key number two - and this is where I failed in this. Key number two - clear communication! Okay, go back to that bowl story. In my head what I had seen was a regular soup bowl sitting on a big plate. That's not what translated. When I said get a bowl, put it on a plate, I needed to be a little bit more clear. So what are some things that you can do in your business that are not getting done exactly how you want them done and how can you clear that up? If you need an email template written and you want it done in a certain way did you draw it out on the paper? Sort of sketch it out for your graphic designer so that they know exactly - where is the header? Is there a header? Footer? What links do you want etc etc ? Have you been super crystal clear on exactly what you want done? So that is gonna help you millions of millions of millions of times over. All those things that you're doing - this is what makes your business run when you have a team. 

Key number one - having that completely crystal clear outcome. Decide what you want. No decision / no results. Remember that that is a huge huge key. Okay? No decision = No results. Key One. Make a decision. All right.

Key Two - we already talked about this - rehashing - don't mess this up - crystal clear communication! Always be very specific. Sometimes it doesn't matter when you're delegating something what that person does or how they do it as

long as you get the desired results. But if there is something that you need done a certain way, you better have it written down. You better be crystal clear, and you better say exactly what that person needs to hear. Sometimes you're gonna have to practice this.

People are not mind readers. It's okay, we all do it! But don't be so attached to the method if it's still getting the results that you want. That's all I'm gonna say about that. So that's your two keys. If you're struggling with this I want you to click on the link that's in the description.

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Jessica Hansen