Someday, you'll...

What are you putting off?

Someday, I’ll…run a marathon.  Yes, I’m putting that off.  Why?  Because I am telling myself I don’t have time to train right now.  It’s on my bucket list, though.  Along with pay off our house, own massive amounts of timberland, and own an apiary (honey bee hives).  I haven’t done these things, but I will someday.

What’s on YOUR bucket list?  Do you have a WRITTEN bucket list?  Do you add to it regularly, and cross off the things you’ve done?

The bucket list is part of why you went into business for yourself, right?  Because you wanted to design your own life, and have the experiences you chose, on your own terms! 

If you don’t have this list in your journals, on your wall, or scribbled on a napkin – get on that!  Your dreams and goals aren’t real until you write them.  It’s more than just thinking or wishing about them.  No, they’re not cast in stone.  Things change.  Like, maybe bungee jumping isn’t something you really want anymore, now that you’re old enough to see the folly in it.  That’s OK.  What’s not OK is just having the list in the back of your mind.  Make it real.  Make it fact.  You generally won’t do what you don’t write down. 

Ready to take the next step?  Actually research what you need to do/get/plan to make one of your bucket list experiences happen.  Whoa – trigger alert!  What if you’re not ready?  What if it costs a lot of money?  What if the time I need to take off isn’t available? 

What if you DID schedule it?  What if you bought the plane ticket to see Macchu Picchu.  What if you scheduled that skydiving trip. 

How does that feel?  Exciting?  Exhilarating?  A little “I can’t believe I’m actually…?”  YES.

This is one of the reasons you’re doing what you do every day!  You’re building your business and your life because you want these things.  So go do something about it.

What are you taking the first step on today?  Share it below!

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