What's #iamresilient?

You've probably seen it around, but do you really know what that hashtag #iamresilient means?  It's not something I take lightly, and I wanted to share what it means to me with you in this short video!  Watch here:


But, as always, below is the transcript if you don't have fast wifi, or don't want to click!

Hi! I'm Jessica Hansen. I am the Systems Magician and I am also the host of
BizMagicTV! Thank you so much for joining me today!

Today I wanted to talk just a little bit about something that you might have seen. It is
#iamresilient. This is a hashtag and it means so much to me; and I want to tell you what that means because to me I am resilient means I can do anything and nobody else can stop me. All those things that happened in the past, the mistakes that I made, all of the bad choices, dumb decisions, just all that stuff those don't define me!

Nothing defines me except for what I'm doing and I can bounce back from anything.  That is what this means and it's what I want for it to mean to you.

#Iamresilient. It means that no matter what, you can move forward.

Really take that to heart. #Iamresilient! You know you are! You know that you can do hard things, and you know that you can overcome any obstacle and make your own dreams come true!

Say it with me - I am resilient!

Jessica Hansen