Get Over Yourself.

Reality check for the day:  There’s always going to be someone better than you.  

But get out there and do what you do anyway.  Do you know why?

No matter what your main skill is, even if someone else is better at IT than you, you have your own unique set of complimentary talents and abilities that THEY don’t have.  No one is exactly like you.  

So what if they’re better than you.  You have your life experiences that they don’t.  You have your own thoughts and opinions.  You have different friends and family than they do.  You probably even like different foods.  OK, that didn’t matter, but you get the point.

What you need to focus on is that you’re always improving you.  You don’t have to be PERFECT at your trade, talent, or skill.  You have to have a solid understanding and a WANT to do it.  Your motivation is what makes you better than your competition.  You’re practicing your skill, and practice makes perfect.  This is about the journey, not how much better you are.  Progress, not perfection, OK?  If you’re continually doing your best, you’re miles ahead.  There was only ever one perfect person on the earth anyway.

Someone out there is looking for you.  They NEED your exact skillset.  They need your exact strengths to compliment them, and get them where they want to go.  Don’t hide behind your feelings of inadequacy.  Those feelings suck.  Throw them away.

And if you can’t figure out how to get rid of that feeling - here’s something one of my friends once told me.  “Write it on a piece of toilet paper, and flush it away!”

Just know, you ARE needed.  Your skill is needed.  Get out there and do it.

Or call me for help.  I'll chase you until you DO do it.  :D

Jessica Hansen