Is YOUR world out-of-control?

There have been so many times I've felt this in my life. I have FOUR kids. I was a single mom for a period of time.  I worked FULL-TIME, had my oldest two in school, sports, scouts, and church activities.  Life was CRAZY!  I literally fed my boys protein bars for dinner some the car.

During this time, I learned a HUGE and VALUABLE lesson, and it's helped me SO MUCH
with my business now. Do you want to know the secret? WRITE ALL *the things* DOWN.

I'm not talking about journaling, though there is huge value in that too.  But let's save that for another day.  What I AM talking about is your to-do list.  I know, everyone has one. But, here's *the thing* super busy business moms aren't telling you.  They literally are writing EVERY TASK down. 

A few benefits to this strategy:
1) Get it out of your head - brain clutter is a morale killer!
2) Stop forgetting things!
3) Visually prioritize - circle something on your list that you can't NOT do

But how do you know what the ONE thing is?

Call me!  Let's jump on the phone for a free strategy session, and figure your *thing* out!

I can't wait to talk! ~Jessica


Jessica Hansen