I'm Not Invisible!

I'm not invisible!

It sounds silly, but for over 20 years I wore an 'invisibility cloak' and tried to attract as little attention as possible. Because I made poor choices as a teen (and who doesn't?!), I was shamed. I'd been carrying that with me for my entire adult life.

When I started my business, I knew something was off. I didn't feel right posting or commenting. I had a complete lack of confidence. It took me months to realize why.


But I overcame it!

And, I'm helping my clients do the same thing. One of my clients side kicked her way through a brick wall this last week - she'd been holding herself back for so long. She just needed someone to ask her the right questions.

Turning block walls into rubble is powerful. It's exhausting sometimes, it's a lot of work, but it's such an amazing accomplishment on the other side. It's literally life changing!

Have you experienced crashing through your resistance? Share below!

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Jessica Hansen