Business insights - from your mind?

What bucket do you fit in?

Kind of a weird question, right?  Like who puts themselves into a bucket?  Let me rephrase.  How do you label yourself?  Do you really think about it?  Do you regularly think about what you may have internalized that’s not true?

I love personality tests (NOT the silly social media quizzes), like the 16 personalities or DISC assessment.  I realize they are not the end-all be-all of who you actually are, but they do give some valuable insight if you let them.  (I’m an ISTJ and D, just in case you’re wondering!)

There’s just so much we can learn from really searching out the truth of who we are on the inside, and we are so much happier if we discover what actually makes us tick as human beings.  Why do you think the way you do?  Why do you find it easier to connect with some people and not others?  Do you REALLY listen to what people are saying when they talk to you? 

What skills do you wish you had?  What are you already good at?  What things do you tell yourself you can’t do?  Could you actually do those things if you had someone show you how to do them?

Life and business is a journey.  I’ve seen a lot of posts lately diagramming the ups and downs of the emotions that come along with entrepreneurship.  This is not the smooth and straight highway of life. (cue the Mellencamp song)

What’s really important right now is that you assess who you are, where you are, what you know, and what you’re grateful for.  Recognizing that your journey is not identical to ANYONE else’s because it’s yours is going to go a long way for you.

Dig deep into where you are vs. where you want to go.  Make a plan to get yourself there.  And go do it.  Seriously, a plan is how you make things happen.  A plan is not set in stone.  You can change it if you reflect and see it’s not taking you in the right direction, or there’s a little road construction the GPS missed.  Detour, adjust your plan, and move forward.

If you’re stuck, and I know some of you are, be open to receive the help you need to get back on track.  There’s a plan for you, and you can make it happen. Need help now?  Book a free call with me.

What’s one skill you need to improve to get to the next exit on the business highway?


Jessica Hansen