YOU are not how you feel.

Unless you want to be. Your feelings can't control you. You can control what you do with your feelings.

If I let my feelings control me, I'd be paralyzed. I'm super-judgemental of myself. Everything I do, publish, draft, scribble, or think about is critiqued and criticized by my mean-girl psyche. She's always questioning, "who is THAT going to offend?" or telling me "someone's going to take that the wrong way." 

I bet you have a mean-girl voice talking to you inside your head too. What is she saying to you right now? About your goals? About the motive behind your business? About the next move you are thinking about making? Or even the next content you're creating? 

Here's what you can do to get past her. Acknowledge her. Everyone hates to be ignored. Even her. Ignoring her is like ignoring a toddler. She'll just get louder until you stop what you're doing and hear what she says. Nod your head at her. Let her know you HEARD what she said. And then explain why she's not telling you the truth.

Don't accuse her of lying. That's going to start a fight. Gently and calmly explain to her why you're doing what you're doing and why her mean words aren't affecting you. 

If you're feeling weird about talking to her in your head, journal it out. Write her a letter. 

I promise, once you tell her she's wrong, you'll feel better. 

What's something your mean-girl told you, and how did you get past it? Share your own experience!

Jessica Hansen