It all happens.

Everything happens for a reason...
Right?  Good things, bad things, in-between things.  EVERYTHING in your life has happened for a reason.  And the question is what have you learned from it?

1.      The GOOD Things
What kinds of lessons can we learn from the good things that happen in our lives and businesses?  All of the success, amazing accomplishments, and the income we produce, are all GOOD things that happen to those who are deserving of them.  What do we learn from these events?  Gratitude, humility, respect for those around us, servitude, responsibility. Cue famous Spider-man quote, “with great power comes great responsibility.”  #truth.  What you DO with the good experiences you have, is the biggest determination of your character.

2.      The BAD Things
When your plan is derailed by the unexpected, how do you react?  Cool, calm, and collected or hot, raging, and irrational?  Which one is the higher road?  A little self-analysis is key on this one.  Even the best of the best still have bad things happen to them.  Yet they remain solid in their mission in life.

3.      The IN-BETWEEN Things
What about the day to day “stuff” which happens, seemingly not impacting us at all?  The person who cut us off while driving, but there was no accident.  Spilling breakfast on the floor, giving the dog an extra snack.  Receiving a routine paycheck.  Do these mundane and “normal” experiences affect us too?  YES.  Think about the voice in your head and what you’re saying to yourself each time these little things happen.  Are you grateful for the regular paycheck?  Are you angry at yourself for spilling cereal? 
The moral of the story is – pay attention to your inner dialogue at all times.  ESPECIALLY the small seemingly irrelevant experiences you have every day.  Your voice shapes your mood, your mindset, and your destiny.  Much more than you think.

Share something that you handled well recently!  Let's pat each other's backs!

Jessica Hansen