I always sucked at writing...why?

I grew up constantly telling myself I was not a good writer.  I AGONIZED over every report and writing assignment I completed in high school.  I sucked it up and wrote out assignments in college, groaning all the way.  As an adult, looking back, I wasn’t a bad writer.  Sure I rushed through the assignments just to get them done (do you REALLY have to do a rough draft first?!), and rarely wrote a paper exceeding the minimum word count.  I didn’t WANT to write.  I didn’t want to write because I didn’t understand what all of the assignments were teaching me.  And now, I actually LIKE it!  Isn’t it weird how our perspectives change?

One of the ways I changed my mind about writing was by (re)discovering journaling.  I have always had trouble doing something that had no purpose, and for me journaling didn’t have a purpose.  Until it did.  Through journaling, I’ve discovered some very important things about myself.  (Nope, I’m not sharing them all here.  You’ll have to follow me for all of that juicy detail!)  I’ve furthered my business beyond where I ever expected to go with it.  Because I started writing answers to BUSINESS-RELATED prompts!

Because I’m now a believer, I compiled this list of 35 business journal prompts for you.  Are there any more I should include?  Let me know!

1.      What’s my scariest goal right now?

2.      Where do you want to work vs. where you’re working now?

3.      What’s your favorite journal page format, and why?

4.      What’s your favorite activity in your business?  How can you do it more?

5.      What’s your least favorite activity in your business?  Why are you not delegating it?

6.      What project is your favorite that you’ve completed? Why?

7.      What was your least successful launch, and what can you do better next time?

8.      What’s the last business book you read, and what was your best take-away from it?  Why?

9.      What was the best accomplishment you had in the last quarter?

10.   What goal did you miss, and why?

11.   What’s your top 10 dream purchase list?

12.   Have you taken care of YOU in the last week?  How?  Will you do better next week?

13.   What’s bothering you?

14.   What are you afraid of?

15.   Are you happy with your health?  Do you need to change anything?

16.   Who are you working FOR? Who is important to you?

17.   What is the most recent thing you did that was creative?

18.   Name 5 things you learned in your business in the last year.

19.   What do you want to be doing 5 years from now?  10?

20.   Name 5 things you want to be remembered for.

21.   List 10 things you could teach someone today.

22.   Who is your current business hero?  Why?

23.   Discuss something in the news media that is affecting your business.

24.   Is there a symbol, animal, or number recurring in your life right now?  Research what it means.

25.   Are you the same you at work and at play?

26.   Do you need to reach out to someone for help this week?

27.   What is stopping you from finishing your current project?

28.   What’s your favorite business tip?  Why?

29.   What should you go back and tell yourself as a teenager?

30.   Have you had a big a-ha moment recently?  Describe it.

31.   Name 5 people you are grateful for and describe why.

32.   Discuss your favorite blog post that you read in the last week.  Did you write it or someone else?

33.   If you could go back and re-launch any of your products, which one would you launch?

34.   What’s your ideal office space look like?

35.   What is your current affirmation?