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This new video has been in the works for a while. I had to test the system out. :) . But let me tell you, if you’re struggling to achieve your dreams, this is definitely a solution for you. As always, it’s only 5 minutes long, so you won’t have to spend a ton of time on learning this method. Make sure you get the free download that goes with it. Take a watch and subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss new content!


If you’re a reader and not a watcher, here’s the video transcript below, and there’s a free download at the end!

Hey dreamers it's Jessica Hansen, The Systems Magician. Welcome to biz magic TV where we turn your chaos into order.  

Today I've got something really magical for you.  It’s called the ten easy steps that you need to take to get anything you want.  Hey, life would be amazing if we got that. You want a single thing.  Focus on one thing and put your energy where it matters so that you can get that one thing done.  It can be a big thing or it can be a small thing.  Write down one thing. 

The second thing you can do is write out 3 positive changes that are gonna happen in your life as soon as you get that thing done. 

The next step which is step 3 is to write out 2 things that you’re going to see, two things that you're going to hear, and two things that you’re going to feel when you've achieved your goal. that's it write them out.  And this is really important to write these out.  It's not just thinking about it.  It’s really important to write these things out.  How are you gonna feel?  Two things

that you're gonna feel when you have this done. 

Okay number four write out three things that you need to learn or change about yourself to get this thing done.  What are you gonna do to achieve it?  Sometimes you have to take a class.  Sometimes you need to take a course.  Sometimes read a book.  Whatever it is.  Sometimes it's decide that you're gonna do it and not let anything stop you.  It doesn't matter what it is, write those three things out.

Number five write out three character traits that you're gonna be practicing to be -like really be- the thing that you want.  Because we cannot do whatever it is we want if we don't really be, embody it, really hold that inside of our own personal space. 

And the next step you're going to take this is step six.  We’re gonna write out three obstacles or fears that you have three things that are stopping you from doing this today.  So what three reasons - what excuses - do you have that you are not taking these actions and achieving this particular goal? Write them out. 

And then for step seven, for each one of those obstacles or fears we're gonna write what's the actual truth behind it.  Can those things really truly stop you? if this is what you actually desire probably not, but why are they wrong? Write out why each one of those things cannot actually stop you or why you cannot be afraid of the thing that you quote say you're afraid of because they're not real.  Fears are illusions that we make up in our mind.  Just remember that. 

So number eight - wow we're flying through this! I think it’s probably gonna take you more than these five minutes to actually do this in your life, but it's so worth it.  I promise it's so worth it!

Number eight, make a list on a piece of paper. The piece of paper we're writing this stuff down on. Okay, I am a huge fan of writing.  Not a fan of putting it on the computer.  On the computer it's out of sight out of mind.  On paper we've actually taken that kinetic movement so we're able to remember better what those things are.   Write out ten tiny little action steps that you can take to achieve your goal.  Ten tiny steps.  This is the key thing, tiny steps they cannot be anything that is gonna feel overwhelming.  What are ten small things that you can do to achieve

that goal?

Number nine we're getting down to the bottom!  Go into your calendar - schedule those 10 things.  That's right, I'm holding you to it!  Personal accountability - schedule them in your calendar.  When are you going to do them by? It's so simple, but you can guess the last step?

Number 10 - take the actions!  Yes I challenge you to take all 10 steps.  Once you've done that you get to take bonus step number 11!

Because hey ours goes to 11 - some of you will get that and some of you won't  - ours is going to go to 11 and we're gonna celebrate the achievement of what it is we want!  We got it and we get to pick the next thing!

Go download a copy of a cheat sheet of these steps!

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