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Today we're gonna blast through whatever it is that's pissing you off in your business! So stay tuned and I'm gonna give you an easy five-step way to figure it out, and take action to overcome it!

Hey dreamers, I'm Jessica Hansen, the systems magician and you're watching biz magic TV where we turn your chaos into order! Today we're talking about blasting through that thorn in your side. That thing that you really don't like in your business. Everybody has one - don't tell me you don't, because I know that you do even when you're in denial about it, you still have something that's bothering you. So here we are! Step one. That very first step - you already probably did it.

The first step is to decide what is bothering you.

What is it? But let's take it a little bit deeper. What is the feeling that it's giving you? Because it could be just angry. It could be pissed off. It could be "I'm really frustrated." Or it could be all of those things. All those negative feelings that we want to take care of. So figure out what is the thing that's bothering you and what is it making you feel.

And next step - we are gonna dig into it. What is it about that thing - what is it specifically - that's making you mad or upset or pissed off or overwhelmed?

What is that thing? Because it's not the thing itself. Go a little bit deeper. I know I'm challenging you to go inside your head. Go inside, figure out, and I want you to list out three reasons why that thing is bothering you. You can do it alright? Step three - by the way, did you notice I totally match my background today? Hilarious! Unplanned! Love it!

So step three, let's go ahead and do step three. Take it even further.

So you have this feeling, and it's a negative feeling. Is that a cover-up feeling? If you feel into it maybe for example you're angry. So if you're angry if you sit there and think about it and really focus on it - think about that task really really hard. Think about it. What is underneath it? What's underneath that angry feeling? Is it actually resentment? Is it confusion? Is it really really frustration? I know you're feeling upset and you're feeling angry by this, but what's underneath it? If you can't figure that out take a little bit of time. Relax.

Think about that feeling. Feel it. Figure out where in your body are you feeling it? That will help you figure out exactly what that feeling is, and what is driving it. So if this is making sense go ahead and comment below "breath-of-fresh-air" because that's what we're doing! We are breathing new life into your business today! Alright now we're gonna keep going.

Step four - four - step four - step 4! I want you to take a few minutes and think about this feeling that you came up with. That underlying feeling

not the top feeling, not the pissed-off feeling but what's underneath that. Take a few minutes and just feel it and then write down what thoughts are coming up for you. What comes up for you around that feeling? Think about all of your senses.

Do a mind map - I know we've talked about this before do a mind map if you need to. What comes up for you? Is there anything in this? Is there a pattern that you see? Is there something else in your life that's actually driving that? Someplace else that maybe in the past you failed or felt like you failed? Feel into it. Once those things are out, see what you can come up with. And then number five - the last step this is gonna be a real challenge for you but I promise it's totally worth it.

Step five, we are gonna define what can we do about this feeling.

What can we do to change it can you take some action today or tomorrow or maybe next week, I'll give you grace there... What action can you take to actually change your view of what's making you upset? What's the silver lining in it? That's what we're gonna get into. So dig deep drop in the comments below what feelings you came up with, and then tell me what action are you gonna take. And then since I know you're the overachiever, go ahead and schedule it in your calendar! When you're actually gonna do it!

Make sure the reminder pops up on your phone, no cutting corners on this one. So remember those five steps what's the surface feeling and what's making you upset, what about this thing is actually making you upset, what's the deeper feeling and where are you feeling it in your body, what thoughts come up for you around this thing when you think about the deeper feeling, what are you gonna do about it, what can you do you can take action? It's all up to you.

So tell me in the comments below what is the feeling? Tell me about what your action's gonna be. Tell me when you're gonna do it! And if you have a longer story and you want to share with me, because I would love to hear exactly how your experience went with this you can email me at Jessica at theJessicaHansen dot com.

But if you're ready to take all of those things - get them off your plate - all those things that frustrate you, upset you, overwhelm you, make you not a fan of your business, then you need to schedule your intensive with me. We've talked about it. Schedule your intensive, so we can get all that stuff off your plate, so you know exactly who to delegate to, when to delegate it, and where to delegate it to. You'll have it all in one place! Super easy. Doesn't take any time off your plate at all. So let's schedule your intensive. Go to www.thejessicahansen.com/intensive.

So now the next time that something really upsets you in your business, you're gonna remember to come and schedule your intensive, so we can get that thing off your plate today. And hey, don't forget to hit the like button and subscribe to this channel, so that you can get more of this great content. Have an amazing day!

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