But, I don't have time... Stop. Just stop.

I can't tell you how many times I've thought I don't have enough time!  Being a mom of 4, running a farm, a house, a business, and working part time really fills my calendar!  There are days when I feel actually getting a shower in is an accomplishment, let me tell you.  Doing #allthethings is tough!

What I discovered though is there's a way to make it all work.  No, you CAN'T do everything every day.  One technique I use is creative prioritization.  (I'm about to give away one of my biggest productivity secrets, so don't tell anyone, ha!)  The best way I can describe it is alternating priorities.  So what I do is have different activities, people, commitments, volunteer work, etc. and I focus on one of them on a given time slot.  Like time-blocking, but not.  I don't physically schedule an hour on my calendar for these things.  I take all of the deadlines and projects, and think about which one needs to be done first, and which one is inspiring me that day.  I know, I know, sometimes NOTHING is inspiring.  But trust me, it will be inspiring when you get THOSE things off your list!  

Here's an example in action.  Some of the things I know I have to do in the next few days are: complete a volunteer training course (online), write a blog post (hey, look! I'm doing that now!), write a gardening newsletter, and family meal planning.  Each of these things don't take a lot of time individually, but together, that feels like a lot.  So I look at when they are all due.  I know the gardening newsletter is due now, the blog post is due 'this week,' meal planning needs to be done before Monday, and my volunteer training has to be done before Tuesday.   Don't get all caught up that this is my entire list, because it's NOT.  This is just illustrating the point that on this list, the highest two priorities are blog and newsletter, because they are due soonest.  So, I would circle those two items on my list as HIGHEST VALUE.  

If you're not looking at your life holistically, and just want to focus on business actions - HIGHEST VALUE means - makes the money.  If you have 10 minutes, and can do ONE THING in that time while your kids are happily playing (and they haven't started fighting...), send the email, set up the appointment, make your sales post on social media.  This is the way to prioritize your business.  I repeat, HIGHEST VALUE brings you the money.  This is super important if you're balancing a lot of things with little time.

Sometimes, when you've done the money things, your priority can be the items that make the most PROGRESS.  What's the thing you KNOW would build your business, but you haven't done?  Did you apply to be featured on a blog?  Or ask for a podcast interview?  These things don't "make money" but can still be high priority because they make progress in achieving visibility.  Alternatively, if your goal is to publish your book, writing a chapter might be your highest value.  You have to decide what HIGH VALUE means to you.

Occasionally, feeding the chickens ends up at the top of my list.  Especially when I look out the window to their beady eyes staring at me.  All 40 of them.  I can tell they are out of food from 100 feet away!  

The thing is, you can't physically do everything on your list every day as a mom and a business owner.  It's OK.  You WILL feel better about what you did get done when you've consciously prioritized your list and your highest value things are complete.  

I mean, folded laundry is overrated anyway.  ;) And kids love to eat hot dogs for dinner, even if it is the third day in a row...

Have an awesome day!



Jessica Hansen