Be Responsible

Be Responsible.

It was drilled into my head in fourth grade by Mrs. Parker, our teacher.

In fact, she said it to us so often, that for Christmas I cross stitched her a sign for her classroom that said “Be Responsible.”  

This phrase has come up for me again lately, but in a different way.  

  • It’s more powerful.  
  • It’s more than just getting assignments done on time.  
  • It’s more than showing up.
  • It’s more than following the rules.

Now I know it means - 

Own your life.

All the good


All the bad.

You created it - consciously or unconsciously.  

And the power in being responsible now means you can change it.

Take what you don’t like, and reframe, replace, and recreate.

Heal the parts of you that feel broken.

Re-learn who you are and how to love YOU.

Create life anew - on purpose.  Be Responsible for what you create.

Heal - release - redesign - create.

You got this.


I have a new program launching soon to do exactly this.  Send me a note to get more information.

Jessica Hansen