Top 5 Hacks to Save Time

We all need more time, right?  Here are a few simple things you can do to use the time you have so much better!

1. Keep Lists - For Everything.

Keep a running list of things you need at the store.  Project ideas you have.  Content ideas for your blog.  Books you want to read.  People to call.  All the things.  Why?  Because the next time you are ready to tackle that topic, you’ll already know what to do.  You won’t have to spend time remembering what it was you wanted to do.  And you won’t have to wander the aisle of Target trying to remember what you wanted (while adding a lot of extra things to your cart!)

2. Plan Your Meals.

It’s so simple, and we hear it all the time.  But then when it comes down to it, we don’t meal plan.  Start today by planning for the week ahead.  Not only will you save time DAILY by not having to come up with something to make for dinner, you’ll have a ready-made shopping list.  Win-win!

3. Use the Time Freedom Formula

What’s that you ask?  Download it here.  It’s the best time-saving tool since…sliced bread?  You want to learn how to take control of your calendar?  This is it.  Did I mention it's FREE?

4. Say NO, and be OK with it.

Sometimes, you have to say no.  And it’s OK.  Forgive yourself.  It’s counterproductive for you to take on more things when you’re already struggling to get through your daily list.  

5. Use Systems and Routines.

This is the key.  You’re already in a routine whether or not you realize it.  All you have to do is straighten out your priorities, and you’ll be instantly better.  If you’re patterning your days effectively, you’ll get more done in less time.  Need help with that?  Reach out to me.  I help my clients with this very thing.

Let me know which of these works best for you in the comments!  


Jessica Hansen