Connect. There are 5 ways you should be connecting in your business – are you doing them all?

We all get super busy in the #sidehustle and with #allthethings we do every day.  Don't miss out on these connections DAILY.

1.      Self

Connect to yourself.  Get in touch with what’s really driving you to achieve your goals.  It’s not the money.  Dig deeper and figure out what your true WHY is.  Then, keep in touch and revisit often.

2.      Clients

Connect to NEW people.  Facebook, live networking events, grocery store, Instagram, anywhere.  Strive to meet new people daily.  This is NOT cold-calling.  This is NOT sending random friend requests.  Strike up a conversation with no ulterior motive.  I promise you’ll get more results this way.  

Follow up with current and past clients.  Just check in occasionally.  It means a lot when you ask how they're doing WITHOUT selling.

3.      Collaborators

Connect to other businesses for partnerships, JV’s, referrals, or just friendships.  Back-scratching still exists.  It’s awesome to have a group of friends with similar mind-sets.  Build each other up, and everyone wins.

4.      Family

Most likely, you’re in business because you have a family, or at least a significant other or fur-baby.  Make sure you take time EVERY day to step away from your business and be present with those who matter around you. 

5.      Spiritual

Whether or not you’re ‘religious’ take some time daily to connect with your spiritual side.  Prayer, meditation, or just being outside in nature.  Just BE for a few minutes and feel the world around you.

Have an amazing day!


What specific ways are you connecting today for each of these 5 areas?  Share below!