Easy Like Sunday Morning....

Happy Monday!

Yesterday was Sunday, a traditional day of rest. Whether or not you subscribe to a particular religion, “lazy Sundays” have always implied a slower pace to the last weekend day.

Do you subscribe to this concept? Do you take a day of rest for yourself? If not on Sunday, do you take an alternative day off each week? If you’re not taking a day of rest, you’re really hurting yourself, your business, and your family.

Actually, to be honest, you should connect to your spiritual side daily. Here are a few ways you can do that, but there are many others (if you have a favorite I didn’t list, share it in the comments!)

Get Outside

Connect to the world outside of your office, home, building, where-ever you spend most of your inside time. There’s NOTHING more refreshing than getting outside and feeling the fresh air on your face. Go barefoot and feel the grass on your toes. Ground yourself with some digging in the garden. It doesn’t matter how you do it, but connect with the energy vibrations of the earth. (OK, hippie rant over…)


Connect to you inner self by taking some quiet time to meditate about what’s bothering you, what you’re grateful for, or just to BE. Silence is golden. When you’re a mom and an entrepreneur, this saying really does resonate. Don’t take this time for granted either. Take just a few minutes and you’ll understand.


No matter what your religious beliefs, asking God, the Spirit, the Universe, Allah, or whichever deity you believe in (I’m inclusive, no judgement here!) for what you need is a key concept. It’s important to remember to say thank you for what you’ve received back, and express the gratitude with pure intent. Focus on asking for what you truly do want and need, because often you get exactly what you asked for!

I personally try to hit all three of these each day. I’m not always the best at doing them all, but I find if I hold myself accountable by making notes in my journal, I’m better at being consistent.

What way are you connecting with your spiritual side today? Reply to let me know!

Have an amazing day!