The 5 Whys. Do you have them?

How are you surviving this summer heat? It's WAY hot here in the Pacific Northwest, almost record-tying hot. All of us Oregonians are turning into raisins from the heat!

We've been talking about connecting to SELF this week, and I wanted to continue that trend with a discussion on 5 whys. Have you heard of this principle before?

The long and short of it, is start with one reason why you do what you do. Then ask WHY about that first WHY. As you go down each level, for 5 levels, you have to dig much deeper and connect even more with your self to answer the questions.

I'd like to challenge you to set aside some time to do this exercise today. No matter where you're at with your business or personal life. It's never a bad idea to review and reconnect.

Go grab your journal and some pretty gel pens, and make a whole page of it. (bonus! You're getting your creative exercise for the day too!)

When you finish, let me know what you found - is your deepest level WHY truly the reason you're working today? What can you change to get more in touch with your core?  Comment below!

Jessica Hansenwhy, journal