If you don't connect to yourself, you can't define your goals.

Have you ever felt like you are just spinning in circles?  You're not moving forward or backward in your business per se, but just holding steady.  But you WANT more.  The problem is you're not connected to yourself, you're not "aligned" as my spiritual friends would say.

Here's what needs to happen.  STOP.  Don't make any decisions, answer emails, or start something new.  No scrolling your social media.  Take a break from everything around you (yes, DIS-connect! ha).  Grab your pen and your journal, and get to writing.

Take as long as you need to sit and write out what it is you ACTUALLY want to do - in business, in life, etc - and WHY you want to do it.  What's the point of this?  Get to the root of the problem.  Make sure that what you SAY you want is what you really want.  It's different for everyone, and there is no right answer.

For example, many entrepreneurs want to make lots of money because they want to travel the world.  For me, not even close.  I dislike travel almost entirely.  (Visiting family is the exception, and an OCCASIONAL getaway with my husband.)  I don't have a desire to go and see all the corners of the world.  But, that's OK!  Be the individual here.  If your dream is to buy a ranch in the middle of Montana and drive 50000 head of beef cattle, great!  When you have reached your financial goals, you get to choose what YOU want to do.

Take some time on this self connection - without it you can't progress in your business OR your life.


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