Yeah - I said it.  I am SO COLD BLOODED.  My hands and feet ache when it's cold outside.  I'm such a sucker for standing in the sun, with concrete or stones radiating the heat back at me, literally warming my bones.  Maybe you live in a warmer climate, but where I am, here in rural Oregon, it's chilly and damp most of the time.  Actually, we grow moss in abundance, That should give you an idea of what it's like to live here.  We don't tan, we rust!

But actually, I love it here, living in the mountains, with tall Douglas Firs all around us.  This was our dream property when we found it.

You know what the greatest part of it is?  I get to enjoy it.  I don't have an hour commute in each direction every week day.  I don't HAVE to travel for business, unless I choose to.  I've been able to stay home and raise my kids while working my business.  I don't have to change my skin color and blend in with my surroundings to get by, even if I do have scaly skin.

You can have it all too!  You can buy the home you want, in the location you want.  You can avoid the daily traffic jams.  You can stay home and nurture your family, canine, feline, and human.  Because you have your business, and you make enough money with it to keep you out of corporate America. 

Or do you? 

What is your dream - the one way deep down that you've buried?  Why did you bury it?  What do you need to do to get on the path to achieve your dream?  Share it with me!  Reply or comment.

Jessica Hansen