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You spend way too much time deciding which direction to go, and which 'thing' to do. 

What if you had a guide to every decision you needed to make, for the rest of your life?

The North Star Life Plan shows you what decision to make, for everything you do.

* No more avoiding decisions

* No more deciding because time ran out

* STOP second-guessing your decisions.

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You don't have to have decision stress.  You don't have to pretend the decision will go away.  You can be FREE from the paralysis by analysis.  This plan gives you SPECIFIC criteria to apply to all of your decisions.  Business and Personal. This works for everyone.  Choose wisely today to END the frustration.

This North Star Life Plan was born, like all stars are, from an explosion-an explosion in my life.  I was at a critical place where I was unhappy.  Unhappy with work, unhappy with my home, and unhappy TO my family! Believe me, they would really agree with that!  I started doing a lot of soul searching to decide what to do.  I found a plethora of “helpful” information and programs to get me to where I “wanted to go.”  The problem was, they weren’t sustainable!  I’ve been using this program in my own life with the goal setting and prioritization techniques I’ve provided for you.  And, it works.  I have a much clearer direction in my life.  I know what things to work on, and it’s written down where I can find it, and refer back to it often!  (Don’t we always forget what we’re working on or get distracted with other things?) 

I knew this program would help other women in this situation, and I needed to share it with you!