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Short Bio:

Jessica Hansen is an Efficiency Expert and Productivity Professional,  turning chaos into order, overcoming obstacles, and creating resilience in life and business.  Jessica is a sought-after keynote speaker, leads engaging workshops, and is the leader of the Portland Chapter of an International Women’s Empowerment Organization.  Jessica has spoken on stages across the nation with her commitment to see passionate women succeed by removing blocks holding them back. She knows a thing or two about balance as a mother of 4 kids, 20 chickens, and 2 dogs.  In her free time, you'll find her in the garden or the forest, reading books, taking classes, or volunteering in the community. She recently founded Jubilee Collective, a Coworking and Community Collaboration space in Scappoose, OR.  She's passionate about helping women succeed with their unique dreams by creating efficient systems and strategies for running their businesses, saving time and money. Her book will be published mid-year 2018.