You need to get things off your plate.  Stop drowning yourself!


Does the thought of learning a new system make you want to curl up and die because you know you don't have the time to put into it?

Know you need to hire an assistant, but can't stomach the thought of figuring out how to use them effectively so you're not throwing money away?

Ready to take your business up a level?

  • Stop being overwhelmed.

  • Stop wasting time on learning new things, when your $$ activities are with clients.

  • Stop burying your head in the sand hoping someone will come up with a new easy DIY version of all exactly what you need. (Newsflash - you've DIY'ed as much as you can already.)

  • Make more revenue.

  • Have more time to use how you want.

  • Increase your creative energy.



I'm Jessica Hansen, and I'm the Systems Magician.  Cleaning up your business mess is my life.  

You started your business to help people doing what you love to do, not to set up software, figure out who you need to hire and when, or work yourself to death trying to do everything yourself.  You started this journey to be free; to live how and where you want.  You didn't sign up to have to learn all the ways to make your business run - and then slog through the infinite new best software choices.  You started with the intention of making money.

What if you actually had a business that ran itself smoothly? Made regular passive income? Had all the support you need?


Now you can! (Read that with a cheesy infomercial voice!)


Right now, you can breathe the life back into your business with a two-hour intensive. 

That's it, only 2 hours of your time, one-on-one with me to get your business organized and flowing freely, document your entire business, create a strategic action plan, and yes, make more money. 



  • You're struggling with what systems you even need or how to make them work together.

  • You know you have too many app subscriptions, and you don't know which ones you can safely cancel.

  • You're ready to make a 7-figure income, and know you need help and support to get there, but your stomach is hurting just thinking about how many hours you don't have that it will take you to train someone to actually help.


You need this intensive if systems, processes, or workflows make your head spin.  We'll go through what you NEED to know, not overwhelm you with all the massive choices you can make that won't even help you.  We'll take a look at your overall systems strategy to clean up what you have and help you get what you need.


At the end this intensive, you'll have:

  • a streamlined Book of Business - for YOUR business.

  • a solid and strategic action plan - based on YOUR goals and vision.

  • peace of mind because you know what you need to do and when - no more ambiguity.

You'll also have access to ongoing support to keep everything running as your business grows and matures.



You know you want to run your business as hands-off as possible.  You can confidently have your systems in line by working with me.  Don't waste another second researching systems and applications.

Work with someone who's designed systems to save hundreds of thousands of dollars for corporate and private clients.  Don't take a chance on DIY.  It always costs more in the end!




  • 2 hours of Zoom chat, and you get the recording.

  • The 7 Elements of Business Guide.

  • A Customized Book of Business.

  • A Custom Strategic Action Plan.

  • A Next Steps Guide.




This intensive saves you:

  • hours of wasted time learning skills you don't need.

  • thousands of dollars in wasted subscription fees.

  • hundreds of dollars every month by not utilizing the team members you already have.

  • days of wasted time on Netflix because you are so overwhelmed you'd rather hide.

  • frustration when things don't work.

  • weeks of decision paralysis because you don't want to make the wrong decision.

  • wasted opportunities for sales with broken or incomplete funnels.

  • years of struggle-bus trying to do this on your own.


Look, you're not incapable of running your business.  You've been doing it.  But there comes a time where the business gets bigger than what you can do.  Take this chance to make that massive shift from DIY to delegate, and enjoy your life again.  (Because there's more to life than just your business, right?)

This intensive is priceless.  You can have a complete roadmap to unload your overflowing plate, and the investment is only $497!  It's time you came up for air in your life.