Clearing Hurdles - a 10 week series.png

No more excuses.  Clear them all and sprint ahead in your business.

We've all done it.  Get overwhelmed with the silliest thing, and then we're derailed from everything.  Derailed means no progress, and pretty soon, we're back to the starting line, not having made any progress at all.

But it all changes here.

When I was in high school, my track coach assigned me to run the 400m hurdles.  One lap around the track.  10 hurdles.  Oh did I dread running the whole lap at a sprint.  And I had to jump over the hurdles too.  I was afraid of tripping and falling.  I was afraid of losing.  I was afraid of not being able to do it.  

But I did.  I made it through the races, never fell, and finished each time.

So what, right?  How does that even apply to YOUR business?

Because each time I got over the hurdle, I was closer to finishing.  A single hurdle is no big deal.  It's all about taking them one at a time.

That's what this series is about.  Clearing the hurdles you have in your business.  One lap around the track.  One hurdle at a time.  Not giving up.


The series is 10 Guided Coworking Sessions, where we'll discuss/learn a principle to clear the hurdle, and then we'll spend the rest of the time DOING IT.  (So clearing two hurdles at one time, really.) Again, the point is removing the excuses so you can move forward.


Which topics will we cover?  Each session will be different:

  • 6/7   Controlling your Calendar
  • 6/14 Claiming Inbox Zero
  • 6/28 Lead and Prospect Tracking
  • 7/5 Idea Tracking, Filtering, and Implementing
  • 7/12    Setting Goals (NOT SMART - this is better!)
  • 7/19  Gaining Confidence
  • 7/26  'Selling without selling'
  • 8/2  Taming your to-do list
  • 8/9    Actually REACHING the goals you set
  • 8/16   Journaling your way to success (fixing your mindset)

Looks pretty amazing, right?  It gets even better.  How, you ask?

Because you can join one session at a time, or all of the sessions at once.  Oh, and they're affordable, at $15 per class, or $10 each if you take the whole series.

We're going to sprint through these in 10 weeks.

Ready to start the race and clear your hurdles?  Register for a single class here or take the whole series.

There won't be replays on these.  You're either in or you're not.  Don't miss out on getting yourself unstuck.  Who knows?  You might even come in first!