You chose Infinite and Manifest.


Where are you ready for transformation, yet holding back?  What keeps you where you are - fear, uncertainty, something else?

This infinite is the stone of transformation, encouraging you to take on new ventures, and new directions in your business.

Your consciousness is being raised, and your overall vibration has increased. You can create the exact world you live in, if you use your new consciousness.

Use this knowledge in your business to release fear, worry, or timidity.  You’ve been empowered with positivity, more than you’ve ever experienced before.

Take advantage of the letting go of fear, and make a new plan to manifest that which you’ve been hesitating about.  Create what’s been missing from your business, and up-level your life.

This card is from the EarthFire BizOracle Deck, which has 54 cards and a 120 page guidebook, specifically designed to guide you through your business decisions.

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