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One of the first important piece of your business design is your customer avatar.  WHO are you targeting?


Branding is important, as you want people to remember you, who you are, and what you do.  The more consistent you are, the better your outward appearance!

Want a branding template?  Here's one for Canva.


Your Mission Statement explains to people OUTSIDE of you and your business WHY you're doing what you're doing.  Knowing your mission statement will help you to make decisions in your business, as well as tell people what it is you do.

One Page Biz Plan

So how is your business going to run?  What will you do to market yourself?  Get it down in a quick and easy format with this one page business plan.  


When you're making the money, what will you do with it?  Here's some resources to make your money-handling much easier!



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I Love ZOOM for conferencing.  It integrates easily with other applications.  Don't have an account?  Get one now!

Need a scheduling app?  I like Calendly.  Easy to modify, and integrate.

My all-time favorite tool?  Zapier.  If you have more than one system in your business - you need this.  Stuck on how to make it work?  Set up a time to chat with me.  I can set it up for you, or I can teach you.